Colored CabinetsI LOVE COLOR. Anybody else? And I’m not afraid to use color in my houses — even bold colors like reds and greens. I especially like colored cabinets.

This color combination above is one of my favorites. Green in a kitchen is such a happy color. And done right, it can also be a classy, sassy, emotive color that adds to the room in very positive ways.

I’ve paired my antiqued green cabinets with a rough-sawn, reclaimed barn wood island, custom-made for the kitchen space. On top we installed a granite countertop (some shops name this color Oatmeal or Lady Dream– I don’t know why) with a chiseled edge, double-thick for extra oomph.

Red Brick Kitchen

Against all that gorgeous green cabinetry, we put in red brick. The room was breathtaking.

Brick detail

Under the custom-built green stove hood I turned the bricks on their edges for more texture! Instead of changing elements, a new look was achieved with a quick application change.

All in all, the colorful kitchen went over great. The red brick and antiqued green complemented one another perfectly and honestly lent itself towards country AND modern.

Color shouldn’t be scary and doesn’t have to be. Be bold and smart and enjoy your home.

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Jess Alway