White and Black bathroom: clean and crisp
White and Black bathroom: clean and crisp

You can’t go wrong with a black and white bathroom.

It’s nearly a law.

Whether you are building a custom home or remodeling, consider a clean and crisp black and white second bathroom.

They are especially great for shared spaces — think Jack and Jill shared baths between kids rooms. The gender neutral color palette works for the now and forever. When my kids were young and still living at home they shared a Jack and Jill bathroom. Of course, back then it was the early 90’s and I really did that bathroom up in hot style. The countertops were emerald green laminate with a white beveled edge. Below, the kids had white drawers with modern green pulls. I put in an enormous mirror, and above that, my wife insisted on a fabric headboard-pincushy thing. I’m sure it has a name — but I couldn’t tell you what it was for. Just to coordinate with I guess. And it did. Lots and lots of emerald green and geometric shapes!

So the kids enjoyed that bathroom for MANY years. Untouched. ¬†And when you live with something for over a decade (this goes for anyone, not just me and you), you don’t recognize when it goes out of style. But then you try to sell your home and suddenly, you have to look at the structure with completely new eyes! Then you discover that emerald green countertops and pin-cushy headboards out of a Richard Marx video aren’t cool anymore.

My point? Done right, black and white is classic forever. And there isn’t any stone better suited to a black and white scheme than white Carrera marble. Whether installed as a floor or counter, or both, you’ll never regret the decision.

So there’s my two cents on a classic black and white bathroom.

Jess Alway