Detailed Den room by Alway Homes.
Detailed Den room by Alway Homes.

A home with less expensive elegance? Can’t be custom, right? Wrong.

This home above sold in the mid $300k’s. Which, in the Oregon market, is a darn reasonable price for hand-wrought details!

Let’s highlight some of the touches in this room that you will not see replicated in a $350,000 production home.

First off, we have the reclaimed barnwood floor — laid with design elements in mind. The floor itself becomes an art piece you feel almost bad about covering up!

The floor trim hasn’t been purchased at Home Depot. It is custom sized and installed, beefy and of the same material as the flooring.

The ceiling features beam work — and not just a smattering of wood chips, either. Do it well, or don’t do it at all.

The walls have been hand-textured and painted a rich mocha color.

Under the beefy window sill, a unique bench seat has been built in.