Brick and Stone Detail

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not exactly a techie. I’m not even sure what a “techie” is — so there you go. But I can’t escape all manner of technology these days. It’s downright impossible.

I grimaced when my daughter made me upgrade my phone. I resisted pretty hard when my son suggested an iPad. I didn’t want either one. But the world is moving awfully fast these days and I didn’t want to be caught unawares. (Plus, my kids are really pushy sometimes.)

One of the first things they showed me was a site called Pinterest. Now, I’m sure you ALL know about Pinterest. I get it. Everybody is pinning EVERYTHING. But here’s the thing. I saw what I’ve been missing for years! A place to keep all the best ideas — and in a format that anyone who wants to look, can!

So, as you can imagine, I love Pinterest. I can collect ideas for exteriors, windows, flooring, front doors, patios, cabinet pulls– you name it, I pin it. Or my wife has told me to pin it. Or my daughter emailed it to me — you get the picture.

The best part about Pinterest is that it isn’t just a tool to help me categorize ideas — it’s a place for the consumer to categorize their ideas. So when I meet with people these days I can get a good feel for what they want, love and expect in their new kitchen — great room — master bath — etc. Suddenly we can show each other pictures of the grand scheme, with some measure of organization (not 10,000 magazine pictures ripped out of Architectural Digest 1982-2013). It helps immensely.

Maybe I’m still not very good with the iPad…but I get the point. Gimme some time; I’ll get there. Pinterest is here to stay and so, it seems, are the reasons we use these new products.Technology can help every business, even (especially) the people business.

Jess Alway