Open shelving, basket weave ceiling, antiqued cabinets — all in a custom kitchen by Jess Alway, Bend Oregon
A custom kitchen FULL of details: open shelving in the hand-made island, basket weave ceiling, and stoned archway.


Antiqued Kitchen
Antiqued Kitchen

Open shelving in your kitchen is a must. Open shelving is versatile, classic, useful and creative. Open shelving can display your prized possessions or keep that favorite frying pan within easy reach.

This particular kitchen shows a neat twist on open shelving. Instead of doing open shelving on the uppers (upper cabinets), I’ve utilized it in the island. The island is custom made out of reclaimed barn wood — repurposing at its best.

It’s for another post, but keep in mind — you can design your own island. A kitchen island does not need to be standardized! But back to open shelving…

In the first photo, you can see how I’ve done some open shelving on the corner of the kitchen island. Those dreaded corner spots — usually left as empty space, or even WORSE, given a lazy susan as some kind of “organizational” tool. Have you ever seen an organized lazy susan? Please send photos if you have…!

Anyway, this hidden corner of the kitchen is great for cook books, table decor, kids snacks — you name it — whatever was going to be strewn across the island if not given a proper home. This becomes its proper home.

The second photo shows two different uses of open shelving. Behind the kitchen island, you can see a coffee bar built into the wall with open shelving below the microwave. Perfect for the at-home barista. On the opposite side of the archway, another open shelved built-in cabinet mirrors the other side.

And secondly, you can see a better view of the shelving beneath the island.

In this house I kept the uppers closed. I felt that the kitchen space demanded the striking design and color of the antiqued green cabinetry. But in many other homes a more open approach can work well. The key is, of course, what you put ON those open shelves. Mismatched Tupperware probably won’t give off the right vibe in your new, state-of-the-art kitchen. Just a thought.


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