Den / Library
Den / Library

There’s a time to play it safe and a time to go big. Bold paint colors go wonderfully in a den, library, office, dining room, and/or powder bath. Whether custom building or renovating the home you already live in, paint can easily change the depth and flavor of a house.

I love color. Bold paint colors! (Within reason, of course.) I really don’t shy away from using bold paint colors in spec homes. I think in general, folks get a little hung up on choosing a color and tend to default to taupes, oatmeals, and whites. But taupes, oatmeals, and whites can get boring really quickly. Especially if you don’t offset the casual canvas with more interesting artwork and furniture. If left alone, the home becomes a muted bland-on-bland, lacking interest, and no matter how expensive the price tag — the house is just plain boring.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone describe a Jess Alway home as boring.

Over-done, maybe. Maybe. 🙂 But not boring.

That’s because I like details. And the use of bold paint colors is a detail just as important and stand-out as a tumbled granite counter edge or a hand-chisled key stone.

In any Jess Alway home you will typically find three bold paint colors: one in the den/library/office (which can often be one room), one in the formal dining room, and one in the powder room — otherwise known as the “jewel” of a house. I like to use darker colors in the den and dining rooms — often chocolates, near-blacks, and spicy sables — and bright red’s and yellows in the powder rooms.

The photo above is a transition room den/office which which was done in a cinnamon.

To add additional depth and brilliance to a room, consider a Venetian Plaster finish or a lacquer. However, if using either of these applications, remember that the wall becomes the artwork. Covering it up is a pity — and a hard fix when you want to rearrange the room.

In general, bold paint colors are not bad things at all — and can add value to a home. Just be sure to get a few opinions, assess  your lighting and flooring, and check Pinterest. Chances are you can find a great example of what you are going for online and see if the finished product is really what you had envisioned after all.

Jess Alway