custom media cabinet and library
custom media cabinet and library

Building a home with less square footage is a challenge, but a fun one. If a Great Room is going to fulfill the combined spaces of a living, family and dining room — it’s got a lot of different roles to play. Finding room for your media cabinet, fireplace and library is part of the challenge.

This particular home in Salem, Oregon had a beautiful Great Room, a bank of view windows, and behind — the kitchen. Therefore, one wall had to support the fireplace and media cabinet, both. Usually, I’m not a fan of a TV directly over the fireplace — but I do believe in options. SO, this mantle was built to do it all, gracefully.

Above the fireplace, I built a recessed area with cable and power access points. As the end user, I would put a beautiful piece of artwork there…but I am not the end user — so I wanted to make sure that a flatscreen TV would fit well there, too. Above the recessed area, I ran an iron rail the length of the media cabinet / library wall. Not pictured is the reclaimed barnwood door that I hung from this iron rail. It was built to fit perfectly over the TV/artwork, or could be slid to cover part of the library shelving.

Working elegant design into small spaces can pose particular challenges when you include new media into the mix. However, the fact that new technology works wireless and remote oftentimes these days, helps a lot.

In a more modern design, the flatscreen TV might work well on its own — or paired with a futuristic straight-line fireplace insert. In a modern design, media cabinets can actually be the focus and delight of the room.

But rustic cowboy rooms call for different solutions. Gotta hide the TV unless it’s playing a John Wayne feature, golf, or an NFL playoff game. Right?

Jess Alway