Hide-Covered Doors, Guest Bath
Hide-Covered Doors, Guest Bath

Hey guys, here’s a great picture to pin on your Man Cave Pinterest Board. Nah, you don’t have to lie. I know you have one. Whether you are renovating your garage, basement, or den — or by chance, building new — I know you’ve got big plans for a man cave. Every guy I know has at least a corner of the house he calls his very own. And as long as you are going to make an impression, why not make a big one? A big manly impression? I mean, build the manliest man cave you can.


Sure, you’ve got a wet bar. But don’t you dare use some pansy formica countertop material. Use stone. Slab stone. The biggest, heaviest granite you can find. And don’t shine it up. Who’s gonna clean it? Nope. Keep it unpolished.


In this man cave, the entire bar area is constructed of reclaimed barn wood embellished with some additional beatings from key chains and hand tools. Then painted and glazed. Inside of the doors up top (for glasses, liquor, etc.) I installed a tight weave wire-mesh. Below, each cabinet door was outfitted in cowhide. Yep, makes some girls cringe –but every single guy comes in and goes gaga over those doors. The iron locks are straight out of Italy. My daughter picked them up on a trip over there for me — each handmade, with a lockset and key. They are truly amazing works of craftsmanship.


A man cave should obviously have it’s own sink. For any variety of reasons. And in this particular bar set-up, you’ll find a copper, hand-beaten sink. It’s good lookin’, rugged, does the job — and thanks to copper — bacteria free.


Finally, add a hidden fridge off the side and a Remington statue up top — and you have yourself one unbeatable man cave wet bar. No, you have the manliest man cave around.

Jess Alway