Outstanding ceiling details
Outstanding ceiling details

There are so many things I’d love to talk about in this photo– and I might just do that in later blog posts. But today, I’m focusing on the ceiling. Why? Because a ceilings’ details are typically overlooked.


In an otherwise plain jane house, the ceilings can be the crown jewels.


In times gone by, ceilings weren’t throw-away spaces. There were buttons, crown moulding, beamwork, painted beamwork, timbers, archways, barrel vaults, windows — need I go on? I could! What was up above your head was just as important as below your feet.


Times have changed. So has building. But if you build with me, or buy any of my pre-designed homes in either Bend or Salem, Oregon, you can count on one fact: there will be a unique and interesting ceiling detail in that home.


And any number of rooms cry out for a little attention: the kitchen, den, master suite bedroom or formal dining all say, “Dress me up! My ceilings are bare!”

Jess Alway