thin brick and venetian plaster
thin brick and venetian plaster

I love old homes. I love old buildings! I love anything ancient. Classic design gets me going. But I absolutely can’t stand deferred maintenance. Older homes are beautiful, but often wrought with endless fix-its and trouble-spots. That’s what is so awesome about building a new home. You get the best of today’s technology and insulation, and can add as many “green” elements as you can think of!

That being said, a lot of new homes today look alike. Almost as if they were run off an assembly line — here, pick a plan, pick some colors and voila! You have a home! And you do. But it probably doesn’t speak your ‘language’ (that’s what my wife says).

When you custom build you have an opportunity to let your home SING. Every space can speak your language — and then some.

I took this picture of my personal home’s kitchen wall. I wanted to recreate a little vignette I’d seen in Italy — and so I did, using Venetian plaster and thin brick. Thin brick is an amazing application for the interior of homes. You can set it back into the wall to create a flush look, or push it out over the sheet rock to create the appearance of thicker walls and archways.

And you don’t have to go crazy with it — sometimes just the hint of something interesting adds to the whole room. Maybe you could use some brick in lieu of crown moulding? In place of window surrounds, on the floor in the kitchen, or as an entire ‘art’ wall at the end of a great room. You dream it, I can build it.

These days brick doesn’t mean you live in a 1978 flat-top. It easily translates from Old World to Classic American to “Renovation Hardware” style. Use it, you’ll love it.