Master Bath
Master Bath

Aspen Manor 008

Every Master Bath can be special. Whether you have an enormous space to fill, or just a corner — thoughtful details make all the difference.

In this particular Master Bath, I focused on making the space as user-friendly as possible for a couple who had been married for years. She wanted her own space. And he didn’t want to reach over any cords or bump into a bottle of body lotion every time he turned around.

The first order of business was to create a small boudoir area for the wife. While it wasn’t a private walled-off space, we did separate the make-up counter from the sink counters and put it on the other end of the room. As you can see from the photo, the back of the make-up station is a three-mirrored cupboard (push-button closures). This medicine-cabinet type solution allowed the woman to hide all of her soaps, lotions and make-up without inconvenience. The pull-out drawer in front could be velvet-lined for jewelry or arranged as a nice place to put brushes. The under cabinet contained plugs for the hair dryer, flat irons etc. so they could remain plugged in and simply pulled out for use. The surface of the counter is travertine stone.

On the other end of the master bath we installed an extra long counter with sinks pushed to the sides — so everybody had a little more elbow room. The open space to the rear of the tub was made for rolled towels.

Let’s talk about the actual bathtub for a moment.

I see so many bathtubs that are installed too high and far from the edge of the surround. Somebody has to actually get in there — so you might as well make it as accessible as possible. This tub is a six foot soaker, cast-iron for the best heat retention, and placed no more than six or eight inches from the corner.

All floors are travertine stone and heated.

Jess Alway