Building custom homes in Bend, Oregon is the most fun a builder can have. Inspiration is right outside your front door.

For me, I find the Oregon High Desert quite reminiscent of my growing-up days in Loveland, Colorado. The same weather patterns, cowboy freedom and natural beauty under a big blue sky. Back then I was riding a motorcycle and pouring foundations. Times haven’t changed much — except I’m no longer allowed to have a motorcycle (long story). Outside of that, however, I love living in a playground — golf, fishing, downhill skiing — and its all minutes away. But most of all, I suppose I love creating.

Outside of golfing and spending time with my sweet grandkids, I just love building. I can retreat to my workshop and start whittling away on posts, beams and door frames, custom benches, media cabinets — you name it, I like to make it. Some people like to leave work at five. I guess they don’t like what they do very much, cause I work on the weekends just to get my hands dirty.

People come to the High Desert for all sorts of reasons; getaways, relaxation, and maybe a reconnection to the roots of life. Maybe that’s why so many gravitate towards the cowboy style: leather, ironwork, repurposed/reclaimed flooring, timber trusses, etching and paneling. All can be incorporated without going too Disney, if you know what I mean. It just takes time, talent and a little bit of creativity. I love the European French architecture — but Cowboy Art? Man, I dream about that stuff.

Have an idea for a unique home or remodel? Explain it to me. It can happen.

And if you’re thinking about moving to Bend? You’ll love it. Don’t second guess it for a moment. This is the place to build dreams. Give me a call at 541-480-5050.

Jess Alway