In a previous post, I talked about how the great room is fast eclipsing the compartmentalized home. It’s not very often you see a new home with a living room, family room, formal dining and den. This new trend in home design is helping to bring the family back together.
This photo shows the view looking down at a great room from the second-story landing. This home also features a Romeo & Juliette balcony—and you can see the edge of it to the left side of the photo.

This photo shows how you can integrate the upstairs with the downstairs. Leaving the landing and balcony open to the great room and making it part of the living space, the area becomes a nucleus or hub to the rest of the home.

This particular home features 100-year old distressed wood floors, real blacksmith wrought-iron railings, and reclaimed timbers. The bricked wall and arch adds to the richness of the home, and gives a certain warmth to the room otherwise lost. Using brick inside the home is a concept I pulled from some of my travels overseas.  Come to think of it, a lot of my ideas are farmed from those trips. I can’t wait to go back!

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